As with past bills being a point of contention at times, so often are existing liens. It is important to assure that the liens in place are really for injury-related care and that the billing amounts within the lien are not inflated. The RN Life Care Planners at MediLegal can provide a detailed report that helps clear up any concerns in this regard.  


Some litigated cases do not require a Life Care Plan, however, do have limited medical damages that need to be addressed. Here is when a Future Cost Projection is more appropriate. This may include, but is not limited to, determining the future costs related to lifelong pain management, surgical procedures, and/or caregivers and household services. If you are not sure whether you need this or a Life Care Plan, just give us a call and we will discuss the case specifics and determine which report is most appropriate. 



There are times when the past bills are in dispute. Were the billing records submitted with the claim really for injury-related care? Were the bills submitted with the appropriate billing codes? Were the bills considered Usual, Reasonable and Customary? Medilegal, Inc. can help.  We will do a detailed analysis to address these or other questions that may be a matter of contention between the two sides.

In California, the Howell decision and the Corenbaum ruling often need to be addressed as well.  While the billed amount may be appropriate, the paid amounts need to be calculated. There are many cases where there are multiple payor sources, so arriving at the appropriate number can be complex. Tracy Albee has extensive experience in this regard and can assist with clearing up what was billed and what was paid.  


  Did family members and/or friends become caregivers after a plaintiff was injured? If so, we can determine the level of care that was provided; the hours of care that was provided; and what that care would have cost if the gratuitous caregiver had not been available. We can also look forward as to what is a fair reimbursement, should that caregiver continue with the role into the future.